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The Polar EP

The Polar EP

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Kit Presse de Survie
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Titre The polar e.p
Tracks list
O-Kee-pa |Polar E.T. | Then | Out | The musing lad |Winter ballads between naked trees

Titre Tokyo/Overtones
Tracks list
Out | 1+0 | Blue | Gardens for A


I could wear satin and turn you away
Leave out the prudence that rythms your flesh
It won't be easier this time
Naked and puzzled as we are

You're over it
I'm running out behind
You're over it
I'm crawling out behind

This smell of sulphur is spreading away
Breeze on your lipstick is hiding your grace
Deepest obsessions are warning
(that) Blinding devotion is dying

You're over it.....

What's the person you've become ?

Polar e.t.

I cannot control you if you're going your way
I cannot describe the seasons on your planet
It takes just a picture to restore the puzzle
And the promise I stole disconnects my body

I will not compose with the principles I hate
Leave me on the sidewalk, playing a serenade
Don't be sentimental when you lose your double
Leave the lonely pillow to the one who comes next

Will I get out from your basic offense
You look so calm when it comes to revenge

I cannot control you if you're going your way
Locked you in my temper, locked you in a dead end
Inhibit the hatred if I omit your birthday
How can I adore you when she's still in my head (bed) ?

Will I get out from your basic offense
You look so calm when it comes to revenge
I'm not the one with the perfect face
Let's get along, you're my closest friend


Home days again
Hear this noise that sounds better
I'm trapped in a maze
Where my real side is hidden

Your existence is the one I may have chosen
You mew when you talk
But your eye seems so clever

'Cos I need time to cure the infection
It needs time to be new
We need a breath of inspiration
It's so easy to be bored in silence
I pray and I wonder why
It's all based on secret lies

Oh Zen
What can I do for you ?

The musing lad

Amen, cold as a grave
It's always your turn anyway
Here comes another death
You're losing seconds every day

I know your aches....
Where's the emergency ?
Their speed ain't mine anyway
So hang on to poetry
And try to get old if you can

I know your aches....


You can move so clearly while I'm creeping around
into our connection I've been bigger than I am
won't you reassure me now you're feeling fine
we're in mourning but it all may open wide

keep it silent even choke'till you may die again
talk for hours to walls that aren't deafs
you're taking it out on me

you can breathe so softly now I seem so blind
cajole me an instant try not to resist for once
useless declarations won't harm
you're taking it out on me

I've gotta break this sofa
I don't need time to realize I guess I'll make it

Winter ballads between naked trees

Get in the car
Be where it wants to park
Don't take it over

If I get him the code
I'm sure he will resolve
The strain you're under

You think I'm a liar
How can I be involved
In the muddle on your back?

This story's gonna get you down
But life seems so exciting all alone
This story's gonna sink you down
But life appears so wealthy on your own

Get in the car
Just when I'm gonna crash
I take you over


You're stuck to your dreams again
You're stuck to wisdom paroles
They're floating around your head
Overwhelming us
Don't think I didn't love you
but there was no sublime
you're stuck to your dreams again
I don't even wonder

I'm stuck to your sleep again
I'm stuck to films about her
we're flying above the haze
never wake me up
before this love is older
withen by the time
my body's stuck to a bellyache
'cos you don't even wonder

I don't care if it's lost
whatever it costs
it's mine

I feel like a bullet in your corpse
I spin 'till your buzzin' mental's blown away

You're stuck to your dreams
never wake me up

I don't care if it's lost
whatever it costs
it's mine


You don't have to leave the door shut
If you let them in,
You will find you've been abused

In thoughts I've been
Descending but they were rumours
We're meant to fall
Now our dreams have come apart

The foam is close
And is settling on your mouth
I'm slowly healing

After all,
I've been done but I feel stronger
Here's my worst role,
The one who laughs and stands above

Pick your emotion
That's lying there
You outta know that I just
Need your arms
To organize my body

I belong to blue...

I'm so tired to hesitate,
I feel ready to take options
And bang accross
All the automatic aches bend my soul
And then it's over
So usual
And this common accident mustn't break
The peace you're full of
Just close your eyes and you'll be sent
A brand new lover for your old days
A blankly host !

Gardens for A

I've lost the state that used to save my fuzzy days
This corruption wasted seasons anyway
When frenzy's gone, I'm a moaner
And moments of ecstasy colder

May I marry with the bitches over there ?
Or get some Prozac 'cos my daddy ran away ?
Like young stones dream to be flowers
I lead my own busy carreer

You'll leave these gardens for Alison, it's ok

I could have myself conditionned...

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